Publishers Daily Reviews: Readi – Set Go!

We just received a GREAT review from Publishers Daily Reviews for our new book Readi Set Go! A Simple Guide to Establish a Successful Small Business. 
Here’s an excerpt:

There are many good guides for starting a small business, but first-time authors Stephanie A. Wynn and Jeffrey White have created a concise roadmap that stands head and shoulders above others in the genre.

The pair begin this book very logically with reasons why you — as a small business start-up — should pay attention to the overwhelming odds that you’ll fail. Ninety percent do, they say, primarily due to poor planning. They go on to give concrete — and very easy-to-follow — directions on how you can avoid the perils and pitfalls awaiting business newbies.wp-1484715097552.jpg

In short, if you follow the succinct advice laid out so well in this book, you’ll emerge victorious as one of the ten percent who celebrate their fifth year of business in the black.

Early on, Wynn and writing partner White stress the need for a concise, but well-thought-out, business plan, coupled with what they call a “Vision Board” to help you see clearly where you’re going — short-term and long-term. Without this vital visionary tool, you’re liable to wander far away from your original business objectives.

Other standout sections in this handy guide include a brief table that easily lets you decide your company’s legal status, and advice on creating your company’s “brand” — that key differentiating feature or benefit that makes your business, product, or service stand out among all others.

Read the rest of the review HERE

If you (or someone you know) are wanting to start a business, click this LINK pick up a copy of our new book today on Amazon. Don’t wait on someone to give you a job, create one doing something you love!

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