Breaking News: It’s Here!

Today, I am excited to announce that my book Readi Set Go! A Simple Guide to Establishing  a Successful Small Business  (with co-owner Jeff White) has been published! It is now available on Amazon. Click HERE to pick up your copy!

You may be wondering who we are, and what makes us qualified to write a book on business?  And why you should purchase our book?

I am the owner of Wynn & Wynn Business Solutions LLC, and Jeff White is the owner of Jeff White Fitness Solutions LLC. We have extensive business experience and have ran successful businesses in the past.

What we didn’t have (but wish we did) was a some guidance and feedback. We both had to learn through trial and error what worked and what didn’t. We found out many things after the fact that we could’ve benefitted from. wp-1484715097552.jpg(Some of those lessons were expensive and time consuming.)

We both know the majority of businesses fail within 5 years. We also know many people work VERY hard to make their businesses succeed, but it’s not just about working hard, you have to work smart also.

Running a business is tough. There are a lot of moving parts and it requires us to get out of our comfort zones. Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of the time, effort, and patience that is needed to make their business a success.

We both feel in this day and age, everyone should consider running their own business. The world is changing, and there’s no guarantee that any of us will work at one job for 20 years, or even find a job that we like that can pay our bills. Layoffs are a fact of life, and it can be very unnerving to have your life and career determined by people who only look at profit and loss statements.

Thanks to automation, many jobs we take for granted may be gone tomorrow. Automation has made our lives much easier, but it comes at a price. For example, thanks to ATM machines,  we can withdraw cash, deposit checks and do many things that used to require going into a bank and getting assistance from a live person. While this a great automationconvenience, many jobs have been lost as a result.

As computers replace humans, it could mean we are fighting for fewer and fewer jobs. Instead of hoping someone gives you a job, it may be time to create your own.

These are just some of the reasons we wrote this book. We can’t rely on anyone else to take care of us. We can’t count on finding a job that pays all our bills and allows us to live comfortably.   Instead of hoping our kids can get a job, why not start a business that they can eventually join if they choose?

Our book gives valuable insight and tells you what you need to become self-employed.  While no one can guarantee business success, knowing how to write an effective business plan, creating a user-friendly website, and building your brand can be what you need to help increase the odds.wp-1485860839123.jpg

You may not know what you want to do right now, but one day, you may be ready to strike out on your own. This book will point you in the right direction!

Have you thought about starting a business? Do you know a teenager who has big dreams but isn’t sure how to implement them? Have you been recently laid off and ready for a change? This may be the book that you need!

Invest into your future and pick up a copy of our book on Amazon HERE today!








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