The Art of Professionalism

The following is an excerpt from my newly released book Readi Set Go! A Simple Guide to Establish a Successful  Small Business:

There are many important tips for starting a successful business, but there are two rules that must never be broken:  customer_love

  1. Treat all customers with respect.
  2. Remain professional at all times.

No matter how good a product is, if either of these rules is broken, your business is certain to fail. Let’s go over each in detail:

  1. Treat all customers with respect.

One of the most important rules to remember is to never take your customers for granted. This is especially true for start-ups. When starting a business, a person will often solicit business in one or more of the following ways:

  • Asking family and friends for support
  • Advertise as a new business (grand opening)
  • Support business themes (buy American, buy black, buy local, etc.)

While customers are initially happy to oblige and show their support, it is imperative not to rely on these types of “sympathy sales” to sustain your business. This is a great way to get people to check out your business for the first time, but there is no guarantee this will cause them to return.

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of being asked to support a business that was unprofessional, had poor products and/or service. While we did our civic duty, we never patronized them again. In some cases, the business owner thought their customers were obligated to spend money with them.

Do not have this mindset.wp-1484715097552.jpg

The average consumers are looking for value and quality. They are not obligated to patronize your establishment “just because.” Instead of hoping they spend their hard-earned money based on sympathy sales, ensure they return because you have the best product available. Many relationships have been strained because business owners expected their family and friends to support them, but they chose not to.

Just because a person starts a business does not mean people should patronize it. Give them a good reason to spend their money. Provide a service they feel they can’t live without. No one owes you anything and if you want people to buy your product, make it the best product available. Period.

The smallest things can make a big difference in business. Do not give your customers a reason to dislike you before you say hello.

There are many factors involved in running a successful business. Putting your customers first increases your probability of business success. Get more priceless tips in my newly released book Readi Set Go! A Simple Guide to Establishing a Successful  Small Business.

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