Keys to Business Success: The Importance of Patience

When it comes to running a successful business, one of the most important (yet often overlooked) aspects is having patience. We are living in a society where we expect results instantly. Consider the benefits of living in today’s society:

  • Microwave ovens can have meals ready in 5 minutes or less.
  • Cellphones allow us to send pictures and text messages to someone thousands of miles away instantaneously.
  • Plastic surgery can radically transform a person’s body in a fraction of the time of exercise and diet programs.
  • Pain relievers can provide immediate relief from various types of discomfort.
  • Fax machines allow us to send and receive important documents within seconds.

While these are all great aspects of today’s society, there are many things that still require patience. For example,  baking a cake from scratch and planting seeds in a garden still take the same amount of time and effort as they did for our grandparents.

Another part of our lives that still takes time is starting a successful business. patience-as-a-writer

The Power of Patience

If we want to run a successful business, we must have patience. Many people give up on their dream of running a successful business because they become impatient: they don’t see the results they are looking for so they become discouraged and give up. Unfortunately, businesses are like planting trees: it takes time for them to grow and bear fruit.

Consider the following examples:

FedEx. Founded in 1971, FedEx didn’t make a profit until 1975. Desperate for cash and on the verge of bankruptcy, owner Fred Smith took the company’s last $5000 to Las Vegas and made $24,000, helping keep the company afloat.

Gmail. Gmail was initially created in 2001, but wasn’t launched until 2004. At the time of its launch, many people inside of Google were “predicting doom.”

Amazon. Amazon was launched in 1994, by jeff Beezos. In 1999, Amazon reported a staggering loss of $719 million dollars. It was another four years before Amazon turned it’s first profit.

Forever 21. Founder Do Won Chang worked three jobs simultaneously as a janitor, gas station attendant and in a coffee shop to support his family. Eventually, he saved enough money to open a small clothing store, which eventually grew into Forever 21.

It’s Not “If,” it’s “When”

In each of the preceding examples, giving up on their dreams was not an option. They did not care how long it took, they were determined to succeed. How about you? Are you willing to work hard until you achieve success?  Where would we be if Fred Smith became impatient and gave up on FedEx after 6 months of trying with no success?

Thanks to our microwave society, many of us give up too soon. We have a certain time frame in our minds on when we think we should achieve success. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work that way.

No one can tell you when your business will become successful,  but we can guarantee it will never become successful if you give up too soon.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.wp-1484715097552.jpg

Running a business isn’t for everyone. It takes hard work, sacrifice, self discipline and lots of patience. Many of us are willing to work hard, but few are willing to do it every day for years before they see success.

Running 40 yards is easy, but running a marathon is harder.The key is to understand these things before starting your business. Owning your own business has it challenges, but it also has its rewards. Wherever the mind goes, the body will follow. Are you Readi? Get Set and Go after your dreams!

Stay tuned for the release of my newly released book  Readi – Set Go! A Simple Guide on Establishing a Successful Small Business. Get one step ahead of your competition and learn how to make your business dreams become a reality!

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